First Post

My Mission Statement

I found it interesting when I hear individuals seek out real estate investment income, but have yet to taken the first step. Given the amount of fake gurus and real estate experts out there, the entire process seems futile and out of reach. Some of the marketers out there also set you up for failure, charging thousands of fees with little to negative returns. Furthermore, the focus on short-term income (via “flipping” or option investing) has detracted our focus on retaining a conservative approach.

The purpose of this blog is to provide an ordinary person’s perspective on how to research and find potential real estate investments that work in the long-term. I do not claim to be an expert, because I’m not. I do not claim to have the inside scoop, because I surely don’t. I’m not trying to sell some nebulous formula to success, because I am working on making it as well.

So why read what I have to say? There is not a lot of educational websites that give information on how individuals can use public information to research potential real estate rental property investments. The problem I have found is navigating through government websites, real estate websites, and various other sources of information.

I want you to join me on my journey of navigating through the weeds and reveal different ways to research the market. I don’t plan on using any special or proprietary software, just a good old spreadsheet and the internet. I am happy to learn where I may be going wrong, because I only hope to improve as I blog.

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